Saturday, February 21, 2009

I’m curious. What are your feelings about money?

How do you relate to money? Do you feel differently about big purchases versus small ones? I know many people (myself included) who can splurge on a big expenditure but fret over buying an “expensive” Starbucks coffee. What are your habits? What are your fears or obsessions? Are you basically confident about your money flow or are you always worried?


  1. Yes, I tend to be more obsessed with small purchases, it's weird. We are actually in pretty good shape around money, considering what's happening to many others. It's not that I worry about money but I do worry about not spending money well, either being wasteful or being ripped off. I obsess about those things. I'd like not to worry so much about it and be freer. In terms of our current crisis, I think things are going to get better, especially if we can all learn to be more frugal in general.

  2. I think I am pretty frugal with money - not cheap, but frugal. I know I've had times when i don't buy something because it is "too expensive" when I know I can be satisfied with a lesser item. This winter I needed a new down coat to face the weather. I found a terrific one on sale (designer) for $150, but I didn't keep it when I figured I could stay plenty warm with a off-brand coat for half the cost. But I wouldn't have gone with a cheap coat, one that would end up only lasting one season and not keep me warm. I shop for sales, looking for quality, at a good price.
    I don't tend to fret over money - I suppose I am confident in the flow. I don't feel afraid to spend money. I don't think about it all that much, either. It is sort of on the edges, not central to me.

  3. These days, I do fret over lots of the small purchases. I was raised by an eccentrically cheap mother and I still get a little thrill when I've gotten a deal.