Monday, April 20, 2009

The Power of our Thoughts

Look at the following list of negative thought patterns (from Dr Daniel Amen’s Change Your Brain, Change Your Life). Dr. Amen advocates killing these ANT's (automatic negative thoughts). Watch yourself today and see if you find ANTS crawling around your mind.

1.All or nothing thinking: thoughts are all good or all bad.
2.Always thinking: using words like always, never, every one, every time. --I never seem to do things right.
3.Focusing on the negative: only seeing bad in situation.
4.Fortune telling: predicting the worst possible outcome.
5.Mind reading: thinking you know what another person is thinking.
6.Thinking with feelings: believing negative feelings without questioning them.
7.Guilt beatings: should, must, ought or have to.
8.Labeling: attaching negative labels.
9.Blame: blaming someone else for your problems.

See if you can develop an internal anteater to hunt down and devour the negative thoughts that are ruining your life. What is this like for you?

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