Monday, November 2, 2009

Watch for Dates for this Exciting New Program in 2010.

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Express Your Potential!Two-Day Workshop.

  • Understand the Hidden Messages in your non-verbal signals.
  • Build Messages of Authenticity.
  • Expand Awareness of your Inner World--Thoughts and Feelings.
  • Enhance Your Ability to Express Yourself.
  • Develop Charisma.
  • Boost your Freedom of Expressiveness--Vocally and Physically.
  • Increase Mindfulness, and the Ability to Focus.
  • Improve Problem solving, Imagination, Spontaneity, and Creativity.

Using Insights from Emotional Intelligence and exercises from the Theatre, this two-day workshop will transform your communication skills--both intra-personally and inter-personally. Explore your skills in nonverbal communication. Understand your habits and thought patterns. Bring out your best! Meant for all levels. No performance experience necessary. Guaranteed to bring a new understanding of your communication styles and empower you to be more charismatic and authentic.

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