Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saying “no” --positively

Most of the time we are articulate, composed and pleasant. But lack of sleep, stress, or emotional triggers can lead to a poor choice of words. Even if we’re the king or queen of tact, it’s always great to practice for stellar customer service responses. My customer service workshop offers many great exercises. We practice key principles in refocusing difficult interactions and avoiding angry escalations.

Instructions: Replace the phrase in the left column with a more positive phrase in the right column.
Negative Phrase                    Positive Replacement
1. No.
2. It’s not our policy.
3. That’s not my job
4. It’s not my fault.
5. Calm down.
6. I’m busy right now.
7. Call me back later.
8. I don’t know.
9. The computer lost your info.
10. You’re wrong.
11. You’ll have to read the policy.
12. Most people know this.
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