Friday, August 2, 2013

Benefits of handling conflict well

Learning how to handle conflict well yields enormous benefits.  Here are some to consider:
When we bring up opposing ideas, we know that others will listen.
·         When we argue ideas everyone feels safe to be honest.
·         We find the best creative solutions to problems by examining opposing viewpoints.
·         We respect each other and are not troubled when we don’t agree. 
·         We are able to respectfully critique each other and hold each other accountable for stellar work.
·         We are more productive because there is less time wasted on grudges or gossip.
·         We have much better working relationships. 
·         We know and understand our colleagues better because we don’t shy away from difficult discussions. 
·         We enjoy our jobs more, and are able to challenge each other to do better work. 
·         Our teams are stronger.
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