Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Philanthropic team building events with The Leaders Institute

These Build A Bike events last 90-120 minutes and are perfect for large or small groups. Each team builds a bike.  

They are a perfect way to create team cohesion, to build, morale, explore communication topics, or kick off an administrative meeting.

 --The event starts with a fun icebreaker.
--Teams then create flags, names and a cheer to perform. (Super fun!)
--Teams compete to answer puzzles and get bicycle parts to build their bike.
--Teams discover that they must share knowledge/parts to make their bikes.
--Charity comes to accept the bikes.

Prices are subject to change and come through my affiliation with The Leaders Institute. They include their fee, all art supplies, and the bicycles.

$175 for every team of 5-7 attendees +$900 base fee. Ideal minimum number for event is 20 people.  Maximum can be 300 people. 

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