Friday, March 13, 2009

Millions of Voices

Frenetic freelancers clamoring to be heard above the collective din.  Twittering, blogging, texting.  How can I stand out?  I feel lost in a stampede of fantastic articles telling me how to market my training.  Where to focus?  Learn to do internal and external links on my blog? Write press releases?  Read training materials, do direct mail, or visit my Linkedin groups?

I’ve arrived too late to this party.  How can I ever catch up?    

The volume of brilliant voices thrills and overwhelms me.  So much talent in the world!  Where do I fit in?

Maturity is recognizing my limits.  If I do good work, the rest should take care of itself, yes?

The question that keeps me sane and focused is:  how can I best serve others?

 How do you stay grounded in today's frenzied world?



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