Friday, September 24, 2010

Managing emotions through the NOTICE technique.

In an effort to continually create practical tools to enhance emotional intelligence, I’ve created my own acronym for the daily work of managing emotions. I’d be happy to talk with you further about this memory aid. My participants have valued this tool since I started presenting it in my workshops.

Managing emotions through the NOTICE technique.

-Name. What emotion is this?

-Origin. When did I start feeling this emotion?

-Trigger. What was the trigger that started this emotion in me?

(These first three are “tracking back” steps that are detective work, taking us back in time.)

-I. Does this emotion give me information about myself and my habitual patterns or about the outer environment?

-Check. Is there another explanation other than the one I’m assuming? Can I check my assumptions about this event?

-Essential. Is this important enough to discuss with the other party now? Do I need to discuss this at all?

© lewis-barr 2010

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