Thursday, October 30, 2008

Black Cloud, Bad Luck

A friend of a friend, falls and breaks her wrist. Six months later, she falls and breaks her ankle. “Julie” has suffered through chronic family, weight, and drinking problems--and a cancer scare. When coworkers talk about Julie, they shake their heads. Why does such a black cloud hover over their friend? Still, while all are sympathetic, some friends secretly wonder: could Julie be unconsciously creating health problems to get a break from her frenetic schedule? Unless she’s in the hospital, Julie is the perpetually tired and overwhelmed superwoman.

This theory makes sense to me and extends beyond the problems associated with chronic fatigue. I’m convinced that when we don’t follow the promptings of our heart, we can get sick, have accidents, or career implosions. How many of us are doing the work we long to do? Our true destiny calls to us, from the depths of our soul, when we are quiet. If we refuse this call, aren’t we living out of our own natural flow? Then, why are we surprised to pay a price, in our physical or mental health? We are wise to look at our “bad luck.” Is it actually a message from our soul? A warning? Or even the karmic result of an inner lie?

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