Saturday, October 11, 2008

A soapbox moment

Am I the only one who sees a benefit in the current financial meltdown? Will we finally simplify our lives, and seek our true values? Will we look at our own misdeeds? Will will stop trying to cut corners to reap what we haven’t sowed?

We lived in an anonymous world. If I thought I could easily cheat “the system,” I now see that each of our minor moral lapses adds up to a world-wide catastrophe.

Still, if together we created our many dire problems (financial disaster, global warming, poverty, hunger) we can together create solutions. But first we must confront our own laziness and fear. We must learn to be honest with ourselves. We’ve become so familiar with “spin,” double-speak, and lies that we may have to work hard to rid ourselves of fuzzy thinking. Are we brave enough to look at our racism, avarice, and sloth? Only then, when we face our own “dark side,” can we begin to choose right actions. Choosing right actions, helps others to choose well. Speaking the truth, helps others choose truth.

We can each begin today to try to choose right actions. We can seek to offer goodness to the world.

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